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The complete package, set up and ready to go.

Camera + Lenses

Arri Mini, Arri Mini LF and Red DSMC2 camera bodies are typical on the Gorilla Camera Truck and are quick to set up on the Ronin2. We can also accommodate a large variety of lenses depending on your needs.

We own and primarily use a Red Dragon-X 6K DSMC2 package and provide this as a quality tested option if you're in need.

toyota 4runner

Gorilla Camera Truck is a custom Toyota 4Runner that combines the Black Arm and Ronin2 stabilizing systems. The truck is equipped with solid vertical speed rails on both front and back, allowing you to film at any angle.

All video feeds are solid BNC cables direct from camera into the truck for a lossless connection to your monitor at all times.

Black Arm + Ronin 2

The Black Arm and Ronin2 work together to stabilize the camera and take out all the bumps and micro vibrations. This system provides 6 axis of stabilization for smooth shots at fast or slow speeds.

The Ronin is used to point the camera in the proper direction and is controlled by a wireless controller inside the truck.


Gorilla Camera Truck has two 19" Atomos Sumo monitors mounted to headrests for the middle passengers. Front passenger is equipped with a SmallHD Cine7.

All monitors are hard wired from the camera via BNC cable for a reliable signal all day with no issues.

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